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Restorative Justice & Social Healing in the US and Beyond: An Ongoing Telecouncil Series hosted by Molly Rowan Leach

Thursday, March 8th 5pmPST/8pmEST:

Penny Joy & Saul Arbess


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Biographical Sketches

Penny Joy (with Saul, pictured at right)

saul and penny  Born in England in the Blitz, I think perhaps my whole life has been directed into a spiraling path of exploration into peace.
  Growing up in Malta, Sri Lanka, Germany, working in England and Spain engendered a love of travel, people and stories. Repertory theatre work in England morphed into a decade of creative work with BBC TV. My first experience of Canada, came through living, with my first son, in a commune on the land of the Penelakut people on BC’s Gulf Islands. It was there that I first gained knowledge of First Nations stories. A journey to Africa followed, which included an overland expedition from S. Sudan to Kenya through many tribal areas.
  Returning to Canada to become a citizen, I pursued documentary film work in Vancouver, where I acquired a BA in Community and Communications from Antioch University. I met and was deeply impacted by  Jean Houston, with whom I continue to study.  She became godmother to my second child who was born in Victoria where I started a documentary film and TV production company Gumboot Productions. This resulted in the production, direction and writing of documentary programs that included The Spiritual Roots of Restorative Justice and The Art of Compassion.
  Through interest in First Nations and justice issues I joined the Restorative Justice Coalition at William Head Penitentiary and co-founded the Victoria Restorative Justice Society, where I am a facilitator of Restorative Justice circles, taking referrals from Victoria Police Department and Attorney General. I also co-founded the Victoria chapter of the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative  in 2003 and co-convened the 2nd Summit of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace held in Victoria in 2006, in which 18 countries participated.

Saul Arbess, Ph.D.

Cultural anthropologist and futurist dedicated to creating a new architecture of peace in the world.  His activism is devoted to building a culture of peace in Canada and abroad, in which restorative practices are at its heart. Has worked with Jean Houston for over 30 years and been trained in Nonviolent Communication NVC)
National Co-chair, Canadian Department of Peace Initiative ( 2005-2011). We are working in concert with other countries including the US, Australia, South Africa and Japan to form departments of  peace in all nations. There are 12 chapters across Canada. Co-founder, and Chair, Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace (2005-2011), representing 30 plus country initiatives and 3 countries with Ministries of Peace.Currently working on my home town, Victoria, becoming a city of peace and non-violence and protecting the wildlands surrounding our city.

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