Thursday NOV. 10


Restorative Justice: Coming back to Wholeness--An Insider's View



Herb Blake has devoted his life to teaching and healing using the models of Restorative Justice and Centering Prayer to open the eyes and hearts of young and old. He is a dialogue host, founding a blog-talk radio series, "Path to Justice" in 2010, and also involved in using the power of film to heal and transform. Herb has a very unique perspective from his time inside the prison system, incarcerated for over a decade. His service is to those who seek a better understanding of their role in restoring the world to the maximum level of wholeness that can be achieved. He is a Keynote Speaker, Guest Speaker, Panelist, and Workshop Facilitator at Conferences, Schools, Churches, Universities, Prisons, and Juvenile Detention Centers. He speaks about the unlimited strength, resiliency, and kindness of the human spirit.

To follow Herb's journey and learn more about his life story and insights, please read his book The Last Place I Looked. More about Herb at his official website

"Herb Blake is himself the greatest testament to the quality of the work that he does in the world.  Blake has walked through his wounds and into his gifts.  I am inspired again and again by what he writes, what he says, and the decision he repeatedly makes to live a life committed to the pursuit of hope and healing." -Seth Lennon Weiner, Attorney and Co-Director of the Center for Restorative Justice, Loyola Law School

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