Thursday OCT 13th


Social Healing through Storytelling

Katy Gilbert, Co Founder, Stories of Our City Project

Katy Gilbert is based in Beirut, Lebanon, and chases people down on the street to record their stories. She is currently focused on collecting stories in the Middle East and works with partners to expand the collection to reflect contributions from around the world.

After completing her master's degree focusing on Interfaith Dialogue and Peace Studies, Katy studied Arabic in Amman, Jordan. She then moved to Lebanon to see how she could help existing NGOs promote peace. One day, while listening to a podcast, Katy noticed that hearing someone's story changed the opinion she initially held about the person—for the better. It hit her that there was a need, especially in areas of conflict, for people to understand each other better if they were to move forward with peace efforts. The Stories of Our City project was born soon after.

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