Partners and Ambassadors

Restorative Justice & Social Healing in the US and Beyond Ongoing Telecouncil Series & Development of furthering education, connection and awareness in these fields


The Peace Alliance



Libby Hoffman, Fambul Tok International & Catalyst for Peace

James O'Dea, Former Amnesty Int'l Washington Office Director & codirector of the Int'l Social Healing Project website


Important Resources

Restorative Circles

River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding

Restorative Justice Online

Consult Mali Rowan Presents for publicity, events and facilitation.

Please inquire about special Non Profit rates and conscious barter options.

See PDF to right for further rates and information.

  • Author & Events publicity and social media immersion
  • Events production and support
  • Fundraising & Grants Consultation/Support
  • Connecting the connectors
  • Local and Global Networking and consulting pertinent to your cause or topic

Mali Rowan Presents offers publicity and deep social networking for authors, speakers, and organizations both on‐going and short‐term or one‐time basis. Mali Rowan Presents also produces local and national-scale conferences and events both Real-Time and Virtually.

The Mission: To catalyze awareness and action in media and culture of people and projects, through a broad spectrum of marketing, PR/Publicity spanning from "old school" to the cutting edge of social media and networking.

The Publicist & Producer: Mali Rowan offers extensive background in consciousness and healing/new thought arena but is also very astute at capturing the universality of a message or theme to a much broader audience. She has an ongoing business relationship with multiple clients but limits her work to those whom which she is deeply inspired by, which she believes is the greatest asset a Publicist can offer a client.


  • Social media expertise (Facebook, Twitter, NING networks)
  • Blogging, Op‐Ed's, and RSS networking
  • Affiliate and Alliance‐building as Marketing tool
  • Database and elist management (incl. Constant Contact, MailChimp)
  • Comprehensive International media list (Print, Radio, TV, Internet)
  • Adobe CS design creation & support for marketing/PR
  • Contract Manager for Public Engagements
  • Event Marketing and Publicity


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